About Us

A binary options brokerage is only as good their representation in the space between the trader, customer service and the markets. As such, we believe our most valuable assets are our brokers, our means with which we interact with you, the client. 

Our ongoing commitment to our staff and, the innovative and creative working environment we maintain, allows us to attract some of the most experienced and best performing people in our industry. Individually each member is incentivised to help drive our business forward, and together they form what is arguably the finest team serving our market today. From trader training to education, from customer service and market analysis to money management and trader psychology, you will always be working with highly experienced, sincere and concerned staff throughout your trading experience with TDOptions. 

Thinking Differently 
In a market where most brokers follow each other, we are proud and continue to lead through innovation and by our unrelenting commitment to improve the market we serve. All members of our team are tasked with knowing every aspect of their part in this ever-changing market. They are incentivised to continually seek new solutions and services to better serve our clients, which in turn allows us to continue to lead the market and provide you completely revolutionary and unique binary options, trader accounts and customer services. 

1. Unparalleled business etiquette 

  • We never collaborate with business groups that peddle in illegal interest, and shall always persist in quality. Neither are we interested in major market players. We pride ourselves on high moral grounds and treat customer interests as if they are our own. We shall also work with relevant authorities to set the market straight. In a nutshell, we try our best to provide the most complete and legitimate investment services. 

2. Competitive advantages through professionalism 

  • Risk and return are two sides of a coin in the investment sector. We fully understand that to remain sustainable, we have to be prudent in attitude and professional in operation to pursue the greatest profit at the lowest possible risk for our customers. 

3. Advancement and Diversification 

  • We shall build on the present fundamentals to entrench deeper and expand upwards. Our future direction points towards market diversification. On the other hand, in this expansion phase, we shall upgrade our human resources as well as keep close to market trends by continuously upgrading our hardware, software and knowledge in order to address future needs.

Trading Platform 
A quick glance at our platform and you will see one of the most feature rich binary options trading environments around today. Our platform is so simple that a trader with zero experience will almost immediately feel comfortable trading real money. For more seasoned traders with highly complex trading strategies, our platform is packed full of unique features and trading tools to suit almost any trading style.